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Family Learning Journey


Next summer my biggest gift to my children will begin. A one year journey around the world. One year together as a family learning about cultures and religions. Visiting many of the wonders of our world. And exploring the good, bad and ugly of our planet. 


  • We​ will spend time learning about religions and cultures.

  • We will visit many of the historical sites and natural wonders of the world.

  • We will explore the good, bad and ugly of our world, showing the kids what works and what doesn't work.


We will live in slums, and in extreme wealth. We will see first hand how climate change is destroying our planet. We will live with indigenous groups, and explore a way of life close to nature. We will see how tech is making everything possible, but also how this is a distant dream to many. 

And while experiencing first hand the massive challenges the world is facing, we will engage with people who are working on making things better. The doers and innovators of this world! Meet the people who are not just complaining about things, but who take it upon themselves to change it.

And we will have fun!


There are a number of reasons why:

  • Because the kids are growing up quickly, and a year together traveling is an important investment in US as a family.

  • Because exploring the world will give them and us unique insight into cultures, religions, challenges and opportunities. 

  • Because the most important skills for the future is not taught in the schools. We believe the trip we are planning is the best education they will ever get.

  • Because it will inspire them - and us - to do what we can to create a better world for everyone.

There are a number of reasons why, and very few why not's! If you want to follow our trip, let me know by signing up for my occasional updates below.​

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