Many speak about entrepreneurship. Many teach entrepreneurship.

Very few have actually been an antrepreneur and walked their talk.


My workshops and talks are developed to teach you about all the things I wish someone had told me when I started up. Innovation theories, mixed with my real life experiences, mixed with plenty of examples from other entrepreneurs.


My promise is that these workshops really work!



Most entrepreneurs will face very similar issues. I have developed ten workshops that focus on key topics around entrepreneurship. 2-4 topics can be covered in a day.:


  • Building a team

  • Business plan

  • Proof of concept 

  • Funding

  • IPR

  • Branding

  • Networking

  • PR/Media

  • Marketing

  • Silicon Valley



To maximize my time when I'm in your town/country, incubators often inquire if I can hold a talk at an event in addition to the workshop. Yes!


I'm happy to speak at both in-house events at your incubator and to companies who sponsor you. Adding a talk to your workshop (or a workshop to your talk) costs little, and can help you attract corporate sponsors.


Get in touch to see how we can plan my trip to your town/country in the best way possible.


From my first venture at 14, until now, I've had many mentors. These people have been critical to get me through the ups and downs - especially the downs - of entrepreneurship.


When I take on a client, we start with a program of 10 sessions á 1.5 hours. The first two sessions will center around what you want to achieve, this can be personal growth or start-up related issues, and during the sessions we work towards your goals.

Hi, I'm Silje

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I have always been an entrepreneur! From the tender age of 14 when I started the first youth council in Norway, to co-founding a number of international projects and organizations during my college years, to founding two tech start-ups and taking them international.


During my past three years in Silicon Valley three things became very clear:


  1. I was living in the future

  2. Innovation is the key

  3. If established corporates don't realize what's coming and start innovating, they will very soon end up as the next Kodak's, Nokia's, Yellow Cab's and Borders'.


To still be here tomorrow corporates need to focus on innovation, and especially foster innovation from within. Intrapreneurs are needed for your company to thrive!


I'm a serial entrepreneur and innovator. A speaker and a connector. I thrive when I can improve the way things work and change the status quo for the better. Don't put me in a box. I will break out. Life is too short to accept things as given simply "because". 


I see opportunities where other see problems. I see the future, where other see the presence. I see new ways of doing things, new products, new markets, new procedures. It doesn't matter what industry. It boils down to thinking outside the box.


I'm a:


  • Young Global Leader of World Economic Forum

  • Top 20 Nordic Business Thinker

  • Top 10 Young Leader

  • Female Entrepreneur of the Year


And more.... But mostly I'm me. Passionate, analytical and energetic. Ready to make things happen!


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