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Out of 5.000 employees, 250 are natural innovators, and

25 can build your next business venture from scratch.


Companies fostering intrapreneurship perform 20% better.

They have happier and more committed employees,

and lower turnover rates. 


Do you know who your intrapreneurs are?

How are you supporting them today?

Is your company set up to succeed?


Let us help you embrace innovation and intrapreneurship!

Building a culture of innovation

To build intrapreneurs, you first need to build a culture of innovation. That means:


  • Embracing out-of-the-box thinking

  • Thinking like a start-up

  • Celebrating failures

  • Rewarding guts


We will analyze your company today, identify opportunities and bottle necks, and develop a plan for building a culture of innovation.

Training management in innovation leadership

Only 5% are natural innovators and 0.5 % are born entrepreneurs. Innovators are hard to lead and can be seen as a challenge by managers.


We train management in both innovation and the mindset of innovators. If intrapreneurs are not given the legroom to innovate and create, you will soon see them flee your company to join another one or start their own.


Your company needs the intrapreneurs. Embrace them!

Supporting intrapreneurs

As part of building a culture of innovation, your intrapreneurs will need both training and support. We will help with:


  • Developing business plans

  • Pitch training

  • Pivoting (if needed)

  • Prototyping

  • Innovation models (lean etc.)

  • Building teams

  • And more...


This can be organized as kick-start events, or long term projects.


"An entrepreneurial employee: Someone who thinks and acts like an antrepreneur, but prefers to work within an organization instead of starting an enterprise"


"A person within a corporation who is given the freedom and resources to initiate projects, business ventures etc." 

Hi, I'm Silje

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I have always been an entrepreneur! From the tender age of 14 when I started the first youth council in Norway, to co-founding a number of international projects and organizations during my college years, to founding two tech start-ups and taking them international.


During my past three years in Silicon Valley three things became very clear:


  1. I was living in the future

  2. Innovation is the key

  3. If established corporates don't realize what's coming and start innovating, they will very soon end up as the next Kodak's, Nokia's, Yellow Cab's and Borders'.


To still be here tomorrow corporates need to focus on innovation, and especially foster innovation from within. Intrapreneurs are needed for your company to thrive!

We want to learn more

Do you want to build a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship in your company? Let's talk about how we can make you ready for the future!


Together with global experts from all fields I work to create the best possible program for you and your company.

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