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I dream big, and see opportunities where others see challenges. I break ceilings, and get shit done. I believe that a better world for all is possible, and will never stop being an idealist.

Welcome to my crazy world where there are no boxes!

In short:

I'm a serial entrepreneur, innovator, technology expert, philanthropist, keynote speaker, seed investor, idealist and advisor.

In long - my journey started 25 years ago:

Since I was 14, I have continuously started organisations and companies - both nationally and internationally. First within the NGO sector and later in technology and business. With FutureTalks my two lives from the NGO and tech worlds are merging.

As a child I was severely sick, and for years I was bound to a wheelchair. When I got back on my feet at 13, I was overwhelmed by a feeling that I got well for a reason - making the world a better place. Maybe it was the naive voice of a child, but I have held on to this voice ever since.

I have run soup kitchens for the homeless, published a book written by young grassroot activists and international leaders, organised high profile events, served on the steering group for President Havel's annual conferences in Prague (Forum 2000), represented the young at numerous international conferences, started two technology companies to increase the safety of children and women, and been a profiled spokes person for innovation and entrepreneurship both nationally and internationally.

From a very young age I understood the power of networks and the power of media and communication. I learnt early on that collaboration trumps competition, and that authenticity and true passion inspires people to join. I have always had strong fires in me, and with this fire I have managed to engage people around me. People critical for my projects and journeys who through their support has made it possible for me to keep pushing limits and climbing mountains. Volunteers, employees, investors, sponsors, parters, speakers, journalists - and more.

My work has given me access to amazing leaders who have supported my visions and dreams throughout my career. People like President Vaclav Havel, Dame Anita Roddick, Queen Noor of Jordan, President De Klerk, Jada Pinkett and Will Smith, The Dalai Lama, the Norwegian Crown Prince Couple - and many more.

As a very young leader I learnt first hand the importance of getting the right network and a seat at the right tables, and this has inspired me to facilitate this for the youth coming after me. The young may be 20% of the population, but they are 100% of our future - and they deserve a key role in all discussions around the future that they will be leading.

My biggest challenge has always been that I am passionate about everything. I've never managed to pick one challenge or sector to focus on. I strongly believe that diverse groups are better problem solvers, and that few things can be tackled in silos. Gradually I have come to realise that my challenge perhaps is my biggest asset as well. My ability to inspire and connect people, and facilitate discussions and partnerships, enables me to work with incredible people, bring them together and work with the magic that happens when passionate people meet.


This was the dream behind FutureTalks, and has truly been central in most things I have ever done. 

My Mission

My vision is a world that works for all humanity and our planet. A world where ethics is the guiding principal, and where leadership is inclusive and not top-down. A world where diversity is celebrated, and where the young are empowered to shape our future. A world where businesses, people and planet co-exist and thrive together.


My mission is making my vision a reality.

My Family

3 amazing kids

1 lifelong partner


Young Global Leader​ of World Economic Forum

Innovation and Entrepreneurship Expert of World Economic Forum

Top 20 Business Thinker in the Nordic Countries

Female Entrepreneur of the Year

Ambassador for Female Entrepreneurship in the EU

Top 10 Young Leadership Talent in Norway

Student of the Year

Ole Vig Prisen





Executive programs

Norwegian School of Economics and Business Administration


MA, Strategy & Leadership

University of Bergen


BA, Social Economics and World Religions

United World College of the Atlantic

International Baccalaureate


Vallestad secured investments from Jada Pinkett Smith - the actress and wife of Will Smith. Jada played an active role in launching bSafe in the US.

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