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Thanks for stopping by.

Welcome to my world of crazy journeys and believing in the impossible.

I'm an entrepreneur and innovator. A speaker and a connector. I thrive when I can improve the way things work and change the status quo for the better. Don't put me in a box. I will break out. Life is too short to accept things as given simply "because". 


I see opportunities where others see problems. I see the future, where others see the presence. I see new ways of doing things, new products, new markets, new procedures, new structures. It doesn't matter where. It boils down to thinking outside the box.

Welcome to my world! My passion is making this world an amazing place for all humanity. Join the ride :)

Gathering 100 leaders in the Arctic

With my latest venture - FutureTalks - we will gather 100 leaders in the Arctic for an expedition to discuss the future of humanity and our planet. What future do we want, when everything is soon possible?

It's the start of a community where we bring together diverse people - cross sectors, cross national borders, and cross generations. Creating a great future for all humanity, is at the core of everything we do.



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