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An impact initiative to build a better future for all

What happens when you bring together 100 people – entrepreneurial youth and established leaders – from all sectors and all over the world, on an Arctic Expedition to discuss the future? We are about to discover…


Late August, 100 brilliant people – as diverse as can get but all with a passion for creating a better tomorrow for humanity and our planet - will board MS Nordstjernen in the Norwegian Arctic. This veteran lady has sailed many seas before, but never with a similar group or on a similar mission. For this long weekend, MS Nordstjernen will be home to young grassroot activists, philosophers, AI expert, bioengineers, politicians, climate experts, explorers, architects, artists, high school students, royals and entrepreneurs – to name a few. All embarking on a journey that will both give amazing experiences ranging from swimming (or at least kayaking) at 80 degrees north, exploring the Arctic dessert and visiting the research stations. While on-board the group will dive into deep discussions related to our future. We’re at a point in time which holds a paradigm shift in many ways. Everything is soon possible, but is possible and desired necessarily the same? What future should we choose? And how can we enforce regulations in a world where national borders are becoming less and less relevant? These are some of the many topics that will be discussed.


FutureTalks was founded by myself and Camilla Hagen Sørli last fall. It started as a vision about creating a space for communication between exceptional people – young and old, from all backgrounds and countries – that would unite and connect people at a deeper and much more personal level than any conference could ever do. In the Arctic Dessert this vision is becoming a reality. With no wifi and no cellular coverage, the participants are set for a journey out of the ordinary – both in terms of amazing experiences in an area few have visited, and new relationships and possible partnerships forming.


The plan is to make this the first of a number of annual expeditions, and to also introduce a range of activities and programs to foster new connections, give youth a front row seat in the discussions and help create a world where ethics is the guiding principle and where people, planet, organizations and corporates flourish together sustainably.


Check out our website, and get involved!

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