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Corporate councils, boards and coaching

I work with management teams in corporates, startups and governments all over the world, and help them meet the future prepared.

I bring an entrepreneurial mindset and expertise in technology trends and innovation, and bring in an international network of experts whenever needed.


I'm strategic and highly organised. I move at a fast paste. I'm obsessed with culture and communication. I challenge you hard if required. And I get shit done - fast! 

Who I work with

Typically I work with top level management - individuals or groups. 


I support leaders, entrepreneurs, boards and investors in the capacity of an expert as a strategic advisor. I do not join companies full time.


I can assist with the following:


  • Serve as a mentor and sparring partner for CEO and/or management team with regards to tech trends, innovation, communication and culture. 

  • Get the right people involved by engaging my large and high profile network.

  • Facilitate partnerships between startups, corporates and governments

  • Take a board seat

  • System design at all levels


I'm a Young Global Leader and appointed expert of innovation and entrepreneurship of World Economic Forum, and this gives me direct access to an incredible group of people representing all sectors. If I council with my core team weekly, and bring in the the best resources whenever needed.


Global access? Check!

World leading experts? Check!


I work with the leading experts globally. By connecting with the best, and only the best, the quality promised is always what is delivered.


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