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On tech, innovation and life

I love to inspire. I love to challenge. I love to offer different perspectives. When I take the stage - whether it's at a large conference or in a boardroom for a smaller group - I thrive. I thrive because I know that I have the ability to both shake things up a little, push where it hurts to activate change, and touch hearts.


Over the past few years I have mostly delivered keynotes about technology, innovation and entrepreneurship, but I also speak on networking, life design, leadership and thinking outside the box.

These are some of the topics close to heart that I'm passionate about:


  • Tech trends in general - what does the future look like?

  • How technology is affecting the future of jobs and skills needed.

  • How technology is disrupting business models and the old ways of doing things.

  • The pros and cons; while exponential technologies have massive positive potential, there are also risks, and they must be discussed.

Innovation and entrepreneurship:

  • The need to build a culture of innovation and intrapreneurship in corporates. Big companies must copy the startup ways.

  • Building power couples where large corporates and fast startups work together

  • Communication and culture as critical elements of any organisation wanting to innovate. 

  • Life as a serial entrepreneur.

  • The eco system of entrepreneurship; talent (entrepreneurs), capital, corporates and government.

Life and lessons:

  • Networking is crucial, but how? People do business with people and not companies.

  • Designing your life to be able to do what you want.

  • Failure as a necessary stepping stone for success.

Empowering the young:

  • The youth are about 20% of the population, but 100% of our future. How do we activate them?

  • Educating the young for the future and not the past.

My story:

  • A story about dreaming big, jumping into the unknown, taking risks, failing, succeeding, and keeping on working for what I believe in. There have been a number of articles written and TV stories produced about my journey, and this summer I had the opportunity to do a one hour radio show telling my story.


Keynotes: Most of my talks are 40 minutes but can be trimmed to 20 or 30.

Seminars and workshops: One to four hours depending on requirements and defined times for exercises and break-outs.

Fireside chats and panels: According to need.


Depends on location, format and customizations. Please reach out via the contact form with speaker or workshop enquiries. 

Silje Vallestad's lectures are both powerful, inspiring and direct, and the audience is left with new exciting insight into the time we are in. She is a unique story teller and mediator, and manages to take the audience along on a journey to wherever she wants.



Professionally solid. Fun.


Incredibly skilled speaker.



Silje Vallestad is a very competent intermediary with unique experience and knowledge. On stage she is solid, inspiring and clear. She points to interesting examples and shares her skills. Vallestad's international network and background are rare in Norway, and it is exciting to hear her thoughts on both the past and the future. Her lectures concern us all, both as individuals and as representatives of business / public sector.




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